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Habits are Everything!

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Today what we do determines, tomorrow who you are going to become. Habits are the basics requisite to reach the heights. If you see all successful people, there will be one thing in common with them. They didn’t attain success so easily. Yes, clear vision, determination and  proper discipline added to the hard work, defines their success.

Don’t stick with the same old habit that puts you behind the stairs to success. Say goodbye to grey traits and be open to welcome the essential good habits.

Rule #1: Design a morning ritual

Find the tasks that make you feel happy and energetic and add them to the morning tasks. Some would like to do cardio exercise. Another would love to savour a healthy diet. And some find calm and peace in meditation. While doing the task you would love to do will yield you confidence after every finish. Organizing what to do will lessen your stress rather than rushing up the day with a blank out and losing time on it.

Rule #2: Practice of Reading

Reading is a great practice for stimulating your creativity and up-skill knowledge. Also, science says that the habit of reading is a good exercise for the eyes and adds peace to the mind.

Rule #3: List down the Goals for the day

After all we are humans and blessed with 6 gm of brain. There are pretty chances for  millions of thoughts to fog up your brain to forget what needs to be done. So it is always better to list it up. In fact, if you task up the activities for every one hour it would be interesting, fun and at the end of the day all your tasks are clear for you and gives satisfaction.

Rule #4: Do one task at a time

Though the world rotates faster and people around you focus on quantifying the task, you just focus on quality. It is always better to do one task rather than completing two task at a time with imperfections.

Rule #5: Appreciate the work

Practice gratitude is always better for creating positive vibes around you. Nothing you are going to lose by commenting with  positive words on the good works. This attitude also helps you in having a good rapport with your colleagues. This happens only when you appreciate good things in you. Spend some time daily on making a gratitude journal and start cultivating the habit of finding good in everything.

Rule #6: Surround yourself with the like-minded people

While talking about this point, I could recollect the popular saying “ Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you what you are upto”. We spend most of our day outside and  our beloved buddies are the greatest influential sources of our attitude. Time is the only thing that can’t be recovered once it is lost. So stay cautious when selecting your companions. They should be the one who nurtures you good values, motivates you when you fall and finds happiness in your well being.

Rule 7# Time for self

It doesn’t matter how productive you’ve been at work, how many people appreciated you or how long you spend on gaining others unless you spend some time for yourself. Yes, self care and respecting your mood is crucial for playing every other role. Learn something new or step up with your passion or spend time with the person you love the most. At the end of the day all that counts is your moments, rest are all stay behind that.

It’s hard to bring changes to the habit and following with consistency or being cautious on the follow up. Still all that it takes is a strong determination, patience and constant effort. Sooner you adapt to new habits and develop yourself, success short lists your name to place on tomorrow’s history.

Now, buckle up your mindset and catch up your dream!

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